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Costed Provision Mapping

  Provision Mapping Flowchart (PDF Document 66Kb)
  Provision Mapping Briefing Notes(PDF Document 42Kb)
  Provision Mapping Audit Pro-Forma (Sensory & Physical Difficulties) (MSWord Document 42Kb)
  Provision Mapping Audit Pro-Forma (Cognition & Learning Difficulties) (MSWord Document 41Kb)
  Mapping Audit Pro-Forma (Communication & Interaction Difficulties) (MSWord Document 41Kb)
  Provision Mapping Audit Pro-Forma (Emotional, Social & Behavioural Difficulties) (MSWord Document 41Kb)

There are now three versions of the Costed Provision Map available, depending on the type of support available in the school. The External Support option can be used to show pupil provision from an outside agency which does not have a financial cost simply by adding "1.00" in cell Z6 and "0.00" in cell Y6.

Should any school require any further personalisation please contact Steve Walker (01942 486130 or

  Costed Provision Mapping Guide (PDF Document 377Kb)


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